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 The Vintage Motorsports Council

In 1988 it was recognized that there was a need to help support and coordinate the fast-growing sport of vintage racing.  Thus the Vintage Motorsports Council (VMC) was formed as a council for all the independent organizations devoted to vintage racing.  Since that time, the Council has arranged for delegates from each member organization to meet twice each year to discuss and hopefully provide solutions to our mutual industry problems and opportunities.   


For more details about the VMC's purpose, visit the About VMC.  Also on that page are the benefits of joining VMC and requirements for an organization to become a VMC member organization..


The History page reflects more info on VMC's history including past winners of the Dewey Dellinger

Award and past VMC Presidents.

Learn About and Enjoy Vintage Racing.  It's a wonderful sport!


Vintage racing can be found from coast to coast, including Canada, and virtually year-round where weather permits.  We urge you to visit the Member Organizations page to help you easily locate and contact the VMC organization which best supports your interest in vintage racing.  Each of our member organizations has an exhaustive website and "Contact Us" information to help inform you about the particulars of their respective racing programs.  There's something for everyone's tastes and budget.


Click here if your have in interest in obtaining a VMC National Competition LicenseNEW ONLINE APPLICATION NOW AVAILABLE.  Accepts Credit Cards.


The The Ace Factor, a racing textbook for beginners as well as experienced drivers, is now in its new and improved 3rd Edition.  


Also visit our Links of Interest.  a page for additional information about the sport and other aspects of VMC.  



VMC Contact Information

You can use the following email addresses to contact specific VMC Officers:

President of the VMC: President@The-VMC.com John Bechtol
Vice-President of the VMC: Vice-President@The-VMC.com Gill Campbell
Past-President of the VMC: Past-President@The-VMC.com Bob Shedd
Treasurer of the VMC: Treasurer@The-VMC.com Bob Alder
Secretary of the VMC: Secretary@The-VMC.com Jim Johnson
Information about the VMC License: VMC-License@The-VMC.com Steven Nichols
All Officers of the VMC: Officers@The-VMC.com All of above
Strategic Advisor To VMC Advisor@The-VMC.com E. Paul Dickinson
Medical Safety Officer medical-safety@the-vmc.com Dr. Dean Debroekert
Webmaster of this site: Webmaster@The-VMC.com The web dude